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Executive Search:Legend Holdings

Issuing time:2018-11-26 10:41Author:Better Choice

  It has been over 7 years since Better Choice first cooperate with Legend Holdings in 2011. We successfully recommended more than 20 senior managers in investment department (including service and consumer, strategic investment, financial service), public relations, financial, human resources and more.

  In 2012, Legend Holdings were planning to hire a senior financial adviser with CFO experience in enterprises. Better Choice executive search team set the talents scope and started to search after analyzing the job descriptions. When the team saw the resume of Mr. G., they knew he was the perfect choice for the job. Mr G. was previously recommeded to Legend Holding for a different position, unfortunately he was not the best fit for that position. Better Choice kept him updated and informed him that the Senior Financial Adviser post was open. After coordinating with him and sending his resume to Legend Holdings, he was hired due to his outstanding performance and improvements.

  Better Choice truely appreciates its cooperation with Legend Holdings. We not only provided searches and recommend talents for them, but also learned from its business model. To better and efficiently serve clients, we seek out and save talents from various sources and constantly update them.


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