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Questions about Our services

Q:What kind of overseas talents can Better Choice provide?

A:At present, Better Choice's dynamic talent pool can provides clients with overseas talents of different categories and positions including hotel staff, English teacher and company staff.    

Q:What is the process of hiring overseas talents?

A:① Sign memorandum of agreement with clients;

      ② Better Choice screens and selects candidates according to job description     and provides resumes and videos of candidates;

      ③ Arrange for online interview between clients and candidates;

      ④ Sign Agreement of Employment after clients selected their candidates; Clients register online at SAFEA (State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs P.R. China);

      ⑤ Employees receive a 3-month training program and begin preparation of relevant documents and physical examination;

      ⑥ Mail all original and validated documents to China Better Choice office for applying for Foreigner Work Permit;

      ⑦ Employees get Z visa at Chinese embassy in the Philippines;

      ⑧ Employees apply for Overseas Employment Certificate at POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) in the Philippines;

      ⑨ Apply for Foreigner Work Permit after entering China;

Q: How long is the validity term of a standard contract?

A: A standard contract is valid for two years;

Q: Does clients need to pay to renew a contract?

A: After a contract expires, clients can extend the validity period under the agreement of both parties without paying any fees.

Q: What does Better Choice charge for?

A: Better Choice charge clients for service fee, agency fee and work permit application fee. Service fee includes charges involves in recruitment, training, physical examination, authentication and airline ticket.

Q:Process for applying Foreigner Work Permit

A:① Clients Register online at SAFEA (Sate Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs P.R. China);

      ② Submit hard-copy documents at SAFEA office;
      ③ Candidates print Foreigners Work Permit Notice online;
      ④ Candidates get Z Visa at Chinese embassy in the Philippines;
      ⑤ Candidates apply for Overseas Employment Certificate at POEA in the Philippines;
      ⑥ Candidates submit documents for applying Foreigners Work Permit within 15 days after entering China;
      ⑦ Approved, candidates get Foreigners Work Permit;
      ⑧ Work Permit information transferred to Police System.

Questions about Filipino workers

Q:What are advantages of hiring Filipino workers?

A:Better Choice carefully screen our candidates and ensure that each one has a bachelor's degree, fluent in English, with over two-year working experience, can provide high-quality services, competitive salary rate and stability.

Q:How to help Filipinos to overcome difficulties in work?

A:Proper training and language classes are necessary for Filipinos in order to work in China. However, they can adapt well to work and environment easily due to their strong learning skills and adaptability.

Q:What are holiday and over-time working rules for Filipino workers?

A:Filipino workers work 8 hours everyday, 6 days every week; holidays are flexible depending on the employers or job types; allowance or time in lieu are acceptable for overtime compensation.

Q:What are Filipinos' standard benefits?

A:① A 15-day paid leave and a 7-day sick leave for each contract;

② Free round-trip ticket (Better Choice afford departure flight, clients afford return ticket);

③ Free meal and accommodation or allowance on working days;

④ Clients pay person income tax, social insurance and relevant fees for Filipino workers;

⑤ Clients pay Employers Liability Insurance;

⑥ For accidentally death, clients are responsible for transferring the body and personal belongings.

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