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Executive Search
Company Staff
Hotel HR
King Wang
Deputy General Manager for Better Choice Hotel Management Co. Ltd.
Over 25 years working experience in the hotel industry;
engaged in foreign-owned hotel management and operation management.

Helena Luo
Managing Partner
Over 5 years working experience in the World Top 500 enterprises in F&B industry and advertising company;
Rich experience of promotion and marketing.
Ho Sum Philip B. So
Rich recruitment and training experiences;
Fluent in English, Tagalog and Cantonese;
Graduate with MBA.
Karl Wen
Business Consulting Director
Over 10-year marketing experience;
Responsible for the planning, preparation, construction, opening and operation for a hotel;
The first group of employees for the Great Wall Sheraton Hotel
Frances Wu
Managing Partner
Over 20-year executive search experience, experts in finding "Total Solutions" in
chemical, medical and financial industries;
Recommended and structure many talents
for the World Top 500 Enterprises including Dow Chemical Company, Ericsson, BSF
and Shell Global;
Were Founding Partners of two companies

Earl Caymo
Training Director
Over 15 years working experience;
Served as Training Managers in top call centers and 5-star hotels in the Philippines.
Better Choice
Employment-Based Immigration
Hotel Staff
English Teachers
Board Members
Joe Chang

Chairman of Better Choice HR Consulting Co. Ltd.

Chairman of Better Choice Hotel Management Co. Ltd.

Chairman of Shenzhen Better Choice Immigration Consulting Co. Ltd

Board Member of Favourite (Philippines)

Board Member of Favourite (Hong Kong)

Was the Deputy General Manager of Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Hotel in Beijing

Overseas Talents
Executive Search
Edna Qiu
Business Partner, Senior Consultant
Working for Better Choice for more than 10 years, she has successfully recommended
senior managers for the World Top 500
Enterprises in medical, industrial and
consumer good industries, famous steel
company,  antivirus company, consumer
group, multinational group and foreign
equipment companies.
Was staff manager for COFCO and HR
Director for Kangde International Business Consulting Company;
Stella Wang
Senior IT Consultant
Bachelor of Arts in English, has over 20-
year HR experience; experts in core team and positions recruitment in IT, finance
investment and education;
Her previous working experience includes managing a foreign high-tech company,
senior HR manager and consultant for
several famous companies;
An IT Manager and HR Director for ROXUS China.
Vincent Wang
Senior Sales Consultant
Graduates from Peking University of
experts in sales and administration staff
He is an experienced Procurement Supervisor in the construction industry, training director and manager for educational institutions.
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